About Us


Meeting the consumer expectations at the highest level with a wide range of products by providing the right quality - price ratio.

Quality, innovative and different products creating Type Shutter, Garage Door and Commercial Kepler airports in Turkey as well as all together in the consumers around the world to contribute to the national economy as well as customers feel good about that and the most admired in the industry to produce and can be used with pleasure and preferred to be a brand.


Our organization ASLAN PANJUR experienced, experienced and expert staff after Sakarya TURKEY before then in 2020 began to serve in the international arena. The main goal of the ASLAN PANJUR Family is to make the working environment healthier and safer. To provide creative solutions as soon as possible for customer satisfaction. For this reason, we approach our solution partners companies and institutions with the idea of ​​"Solution Partner" rather than the customer. We continuously make R & D Investments to ensure

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